Unlock the value
of payment data

GameFi integrated "WEB3 Wallet" that transforms
the hidden value of payment data into digital assets.

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Payment Data

Payment Data






What SyFu is

The perspective that SyFu brings

"GameFi" - A world where you can feel the economic contribution

Have you ever experienced the feeling of making an economic contribution through your everyday shopping or dining? GameFi will create a "new consumer experience" where tokens are distributed based on the utilization history of "payment data" that serves as proof of economic contribution, enabling the leveling up of NFTs.

Realizing transparency and a fair credit-based society:
"The new Reputation"

Individuals can own their economic contribution, proven through GameFi, as NFTs (SBT). This realization creates a decentralized, transparent, and fair credit-based society that forms the basis of a new credit evaluation system.

※ SBT stands for Soulbound token, which refers to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are non-transferable.

A bridge between the real economy and WEB3:
"A simple WEB3 wallet experience"

We will create a new consumption experience through "NFT x Payments" and build a non-custodial wallet, currently undergoing international patent application, to simplify the inconvenience of traditional wallets.

We offer WEB3 financial services that enable the management of digital assets (DEX/Staking) and their utilization in real-world payments (Digital asset-backed payments).

How it works

The value created through the GameFi experience

Japanese tradition with WEB3 technology

It will inherit its role as a symbol of luck and business prosperity, and become a powerful symbol that contributes to the development of local communities and the growth of the global economy. As the "wallet of the future", it will serve the role of deepening economic connections as it combines a utility that transforms payment data from people all over the world into digital assets.

SyFu MarketPlace

The developed MANEKINEKO NFTs can be bought and sold by users worldwide



Roadmap Roadmap


SyFu is a new project by an experienced team with over six years of experience
building a Web3 restaurant review and social media app.
Following their success with other projects, the team is now working to create a new Web3 product.


White Paper

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